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Euroad International Ltd. is a privately held, well-established fashion apparel manufacturer and wholesaler company located in Budapest, that has created an entrenched market presence in Hungary through the 250 Hungarian retail stores that currently sell Euroad® and Indivino® own brand products. Our company has also successfully gained a foothold in other emerging countries in Eastern Europe by earning the loyalty and trust of our numerous retail and wholesaling corporate clients who are located in these rapidly growing new economies.

Since its inception in 1994, Euroad International Ltd. has shown a robust growth trend that has proven the long term sustainability and market value of our products sold under the Euroad and Indivino own brand name. Together with our major distributors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine, Euroad International Ltd. is now poised to become a serious contender in the international market of retail fashion.

Another vital aspect of Euroad International Ltd.'s success is the design and manufacturing of other well-known international retail fashion brands. Several internationally recognized brands currently have their products manufactured by Euroad International Ltd. and our company has proven itself as a top class international manufacturer, dedicated to supplying premier quality products and service to the international retail fashion industry.

Euroad International Ltd.'s achievement as being successful in the Hungarian retail fashion market, was accomplished by our company striving daily to ensure that our high quality fashion and apparel products are manufactured and delivered to our clients on time, and with the highest standard of service. Accordingly, we are now ready to partnership with dedicated potential buyers as well as exclusive distributors of other brands who are ready to expand and develop their own business interests in the international market sectors of the retail fashion industry.

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Euroad International Ltd.